Castello di Nelson

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Of the magnificent temple dedicated to the Madonna from Queen Margherita remain the naves, a splendid Gothic-Norman portico and the Byzantine icon, according to the legend painted by San Luca. Behind the church, in what were the warehouses, some excavations have brought to light the apse of the ancient Norman construction. Also you can see two medieval towers and a large English park.

Of the ancient castle little remains, besides the aforementioned turrets and a part of the walls, as the rooms were readapted by the heirs of Nelson for housing purposes or warehouses at the service of agriculture, but can be visited and exhibit some vintage relics belonging to the admiral. In the inner courtyard there is a Celtic cross dedicated to Admiral Nelson. In the park there is instead a small cemetery, where stands a Celtic cross in black Etna stone, which indicates the burial of the Scottish poet William Sharp.

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