Ponte dei Saraceni

Ponte dei Saraceni

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We are in Adrano at its border with Centuripe, only 6 km away from each other. as the crow flies but over 17 for a road certainly not among the easiest. Right here, stands the Saracen Bridge, the oldest point of connection between the two towns and their respective provinces, Catania and Enna.

The owner of the Simeto river is the largest of the Sicilian watercourses that, in this stretch, has a narrow river bed surrounded by basalt walls, historical expression of ancient lava flows of Etna, which crosses the territory of Adrano expressing itself with irrational and unpredictable forms.

Here, the waters flow dynamically and quickly; the willows, the oleanders and the brooms that surround them, welcome them bending as they pass, as a sign of respect.

And there, not far away, the Simeto disappears by magic, for tens of meters, in the Gola di Bolo, which invites the bravest to visit, reserving to the most daring, a unique spectacle offered by those games of lava that reach the maximum chromatic and scenographic effect on sunny days.

The Bridge of the Saracens, built initially by the Romans in the 1st or 2nd century AD He still looks astonished at the river that flows below, telling visitors its ancient splendor when it represented the important junction of an ancient highway that connected the territory of Catania to Palermo through the Enna.

A stone bridge, which in the Norman period played a strategic role confirmed by the nearby Castle in the inhabited center of Adrano and by the Norman tower of Paternò. Three positions logically and historically connected inextricably to each other.

A lot of history have seen and experienced the waters of the Simeto which, for many centuries, in this point, in their continuous evolution, meet the Ponte dei Saraceni , whose arches have been destroyed by the flood of 1948 and which today, present themselves in the eyes of the visitor in a different version from the original, preserving, almost intact, only the Gothic central arch and "forgetting" the Roman and Gothic versions of the other two minor , transformed into Aragonese.

To make this place even more fascinating, a beautiful legend that tells of a young shepherd boy who crossed the river jumping on the polished stones of his bed, to reach his beloved on the other side.

An enchanted and uncontaminated place where the fragrance of the zagara still finds its space and the view is made even more enchanting in the moments when the Etna , which overwhelms it with its grandeur, is snow.

I leave the curiosity of those who will visit these places unharmed and will have the good fortune to explore live an irresistible show of nature in an area that since 2001 is part of the Integral Nature Reserve of the Lavere Forges of Simeto , strip of Sicilian land that embraces, in addition to Adrano , the municipalities of Centuripe, Bronte and Randazzo .

Nearly 300 hectares of protected area crossed by the Simeto, whose waters have created a succession of waterfalls, rapids, small lakes and swollen lava flows, flowing amused among the lava rocks.