Riserva dello zingaro

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The reserve has two entrances: one from Scopello and the other from San Vito Lo Capo.
For those leaving from Palermo: take the motorway A29 (PA-TP) and exit at the junction of Castellammare del Golfo, then continue on the SS 187 towards Trapani, after about 4 km take the road to Scopello. Once in the locality, continue and pass the Tonnara di Scopello. You will arrive at an open space for parking, where there is a rocky tunnel.
From here the signage of the managing body will help the visitor to orient himself in the reserve. Nearby you will find the Visitor Center and the equipped area of ​​Cala Mazzo di Sciacca. Those who want to reach the reserve from San Vito, must continue on the SS 187 until the junction for San Vito Lo Capo, reach the end of the asphalt road and continue on foot, on the dirt road, which starts 500 meters from the Tonnarella dell'Uzzo.

For those starting from Trapani: take the motorway A29 (TP-PA) and exit at the junction of Castellammare del Golfo, from here continue on the same itinerary described above. To reach the reserve from the entrance of San Vito Lo Capo: if coming from Trapani or Palermo, take the SS 187 up to the junction for San Vito Lo Capo. From the town follow the signs for the Tonnarella dell'Uzzo and the signs for the reserve. The Zingaro is a true paradise of nature due to the great variety of natural environments present on its 1,600 hectares.

The coast opens on the sea with high limestone and jagged walls, interrupted by coves, rocky ravines and caves. The altitude of its peaks ranges from 610 m s.l.m. of Pizzo Passo del Lupo to the 913 of Monte Speziale. Starting from the sea level, and continuing uphill to the highest peaks, we encounter different types of ecosystems, all extremely significant: the trottoirs to Lithophyllum and to Vermetus above sea level; the rocky environments; the prairies; the garrigue of shrubs dominated by the dwarf palm; the sparse fragments of arboreal vegetation characterized by holm oaks or cork trees; the terrestrial and marine caves; the small wet areas of Acci district; to the environments of gorge; the prairies to ampelodesma; the steep slopes and the rocks.

About 600 plant species live here, 40 of which are endemic and 39 species of birds are nesting, including the now rare Bonelli's eagle (see box): a natural paradise! Until a short time ago, the Zingaro was populated by peasants; today, instead of abandoned crops, we find steppe grasslands: vast herbaceous expanses that dominate the landscape interrupted by garrigue areas, characterized by low shrubs among which the dwarf palm stands out, which takes on tree bearing (see box) and which settles mainly in the low areas of Pizzo Passo del Lupo and in the initial fringes of Contrada Sughero.

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