Riserva Naturale Isolabella

Riserva Naturale Isola Bella

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It is located along the Ionian coast of Sicily, halfway between Messina and Catania and exactly in the territory of the Municipality of Taormina. It is therefore the renowned " Perla dello Jonio " to host this glimpse of nature immersed in the homonymous bay, set between the sea and the mainland and connected to the latter by a thin strip of sand, whose shape is continually shaped by the currents and tides, dynamism that fascinates those who stop to observe it from the nearby road that runs along one of the sides of the Reserve or from the top Belvedere of Taormina ; from here, the citizens asked and obtained the island from Ferdinando I di Borbone.

And it is from this natural balcony that a small path starts that allows you to reach the Reserve directly from the town, through stairs and stretches of road that goes from 166 m s.l.m. following the natural forms of Mount Tauro, they lead to the coastal State Road, from where the last 134 steps of the access ladder to the Reserve depart.

The Reserve is accessible throughout the year, thanks to the Mediterranean climate that reduces to a few weeks, temperatures below 10 ° C and unfavorable weather conditions, especially in the months of December and January. In fact, already from the month of February until November, someone dares to take a bath under the most terrified eyes. The best times for the visit of the Reserve, however, remain the spring, in which there is the explosion of colors, and the end of summer, when, after the first rains, the temperature allows pleasant stops in the sun.

Once you reach the beach, near the isthmus, you can admire the bay, protected by the high walls of the two promontories. In the North, in fact, Capo Sant'Andrea, which houses the renowned Blue Grotto , repairs the bay from the winds of Grecale and Levante, while to the south, Capo Taormina, with its suggestive cliffs, it repairs it, in part, from the west winds. Both headlands, illuminated by the warm colors of the sunset, the first, and dawn of the second, create a palette of colors more or less intense according to the seasons, offering enchanting scenarios.

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